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Looking for a powerful compressor for your pneumatic tacker? At Tackershop we sell high-quality compressors from several leading brands, such as TRX and Bostitch. Check out our offer and place an order directly in the webshop.

People often mistakenly think that a compressor with a large tank automatically has more power, but this is not always the case! The air pressure is the most important thing, it is determined by the size, type and efficiency of the motor and pump. NOT by the tank. A compact compressor, with a 20 liter tank, can basically provide the same air pressure as a compressor with a 100 liter tank capacity.

Note: All compressors should be used close to the main power supply. Where this is not possible, it is recommended to use a longer air hose instead of an extension cord. This is because an extension cord may result in a lower voltage.