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In the BestFix outlet you will find products on clearance that are disappearing from our range or because, for example, the box contents have changed or products that deserve a 2nd chance. These products are offered for a very attractive price.

Second chance products have been tested and work fine, but have been returned, have had their packaging opened, have damage or something similar.

To make it easier we have divided the outlet products into 4 categories:

  • 2A: New product from out of stock
  • 2B: Second chance products with almost nothing wrong with them.
  • 2C: Second chance products with light traces of use.
  • 2D: Second chance products with clear traces of use.

These products can be identified by the item number + code as, for example, DV-MESSING-2A.
Do you have a question about an outlet product? Our staff will be happy to help you!

For all products in the clearance = gone


There are no products to list in this category.