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About is a speciaized web shop of Best-Fix B.V.

In our webshop we offer you a wide range of polymer (composite) fasteners and the fastening tools.

The advantages of polymer fasteners:

  • Completely non metal
    Polymer nails and staples are a composite blend of polymer and fiberglass. They are suitable for any application where metal fasteners cannot be used.
  • No Rust
    Composite nails and staples are not susceptible to the corrosion and oxidation that attacks metal, so your manufactured product retains its beautiful new appearance.
  • Easy to sand and saw
    Plastic nails and staples can be sanded and sawed without tool damage, so you will not need to replace sanding belts, blades and router bits as often.
  • Bond like glue
    Due to friction, composite nails and staples melt slightly upon insertion into the substrate. This creates a strong mechanical bond between the fibers of the substrate and the fastener.
  • Microwave drying
    Unlike metal, polymer nails and staples can be put into microwave drying ovens without arcing. These fasteners can also withstand temperatures up to 175°C for several hours!
  • Weather resistant
    Polymer nails and staples are UV resistant, and they are virtually uneffected by chlorine, acids and solvents such as gasoline and oil.
  • High strength
    The tensile strength of nailed wooden connections is about twice as great with polymer nails and staples compared to ordinary metal. The nailed connection is actually stronger and remains tight with time and aging.