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Manufacturer: Omer Model: 81P
This lightweight stapler 81P by Omer® is extremely fast, well-balanced. The secondary trigger prevents accidental firing. The pnematic staple gun is ideal for boat building, fibreglass layup, timber wrap, tagging, insulating sheathing, tyre retreading & all other applications where metal fasteners a..
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: 82P
This lightweight tacker made by Omer® is extremely fast, well-balanced and rugged. It has a secondary trigger for accidental firing. The stapler 82P fires Raptor composite staples 16 gauge type 82P. The Omer 82P Series Staple Guns are the only staplers approved by Raptor® for use of the 82P plast..
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: 83P
The pneumatic 83P tacker from Omer® is lightweight yet robust. The staple gun is well balanced and fast. The stapler processes Raptor 15G plastic staples type 83P in lengths from 6 mm to 16 mm...
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: 83PSA
This lightweight tacker by Omer® is extremely fast, well-balanced and rugged. With contact trip safety, so tool fires only when tne nose touches the material. Fires Raptor polymer staples 83P..
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