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Often erroneously it is believed that a compressor with a large tank automatically more power, but this is not always the case!

The air pressure is the most important; it is determined by the size, the type and efficiency of the motor and the pump, NOT the tank. A compact compressor, with a tank of 20 liters, can basically offer the same pressure as a compressor with a tank capacity of 100 liters.

Please note: All compressors should be operated close to the main electrical power source. If not possible, it is recommended that a long air hose is used instead of an extension cord. An extension cord can cause a drop in line voltage.

Bostitch PS17-E
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: PS17-E
The Bostitch PS17-E: the lightweight compressor Looking for an easy to transport compressor that doesn't sacrifice on power? The Bostitch PS17-E is easy to transport around the construction site because of its low weight and built-in wheels. In addition, the compressor also has an extendable hand..
€370.00 €494.00
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: RC10SQ-E
The compact compressor RC10SQ-E by Bostitch® is more silent as the former model RC-10E. It has a tank of 9,4 Ltr and a 1.5Hp motor. The Oil-free motor and easy access drain valve minimises maintenance and allows for vertical or horizontal storage. The steel roll cage gives an all-over protection.  ..
€235.00 €307.00
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